Kevin Lee, artist


What would you like to know? I live in Liverpool but originally an Essex boy. I'm vegetarian which stems from having parents who were butchers. Needless to say I didn't follow in the family footsteps. I love houseplants. I drink too much coffee and eat too much bread. I'm addicted to Soda Crush (its a game not a drink)


I'm pretty diverse as an artist. I don't stick with one particular style as can be seen in my galleries. I mainly draw and paint but have been known to dabble in mixed media and digital.


My studio consists of an A1 drawing board in my hallway which when in use means I can't open my front door. My goal is to move into a dedicated studio space bigger than my current 2m².


I hope you enjoy browsing through my work and if you made a purchase (which would be really lovely) then a big warm hug to you. You've made me happy :)


Want to contact me? Then you can by going to my Contact Me page. I'd love to hear from you even if it's just to tell me what you had for dinner.

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